New York : Miller High Life Beer sells glasses that connect with WiFi to provide remotely

New York :

Miller High Life Beer sells glasses that connect with WiFi to provide remotely

From December 15 you can buy these glasses.

Photo: Andrew Burton / .

In these times when the pandemic is still present, it is difficult to get together with loved ones to toast. That’s why Miller High Life decided to make it easier for you to toast from a distance in the upcoming Christmas holidays.

And it is that very soon Miller High Life will release a pair of high-tech glasses for you and someone else to toast, even if you’re not together. The cups use WiFi and colored lights to connect you.

Beginning December 15, visit the website and cBuy the pair of glasses for $ 19.03. The price is in honor of the year 1903, which is when High Life launched its bottled beer, as reported in Thrillist.

Although the toasting glasses are sold in pairs, these will be individually packaged to send one to you and the other to the person you are toasting with at a distance.

Each cup is programmed to sync with one another. In the package they send you they will give you instructions on how to synchronize them.

“To toast from afar, a user simply has to press the front button to initiate a ‘health’. From there, the other user just needs to press the same button, and voila! Both glasses will be lit for a duly distanced toast, ”said a Miller High Life spokesperson.

The glasses have four different light sequences, and once you finish the toast the glasses will stay on until they turn off by themselves.

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