New York : Mother hangs her baby on a bar bench

New York :

Mother hangs her baby on a bar bench

The users of the networks called her a “bad mother”.

Photo: Ksenia Chernaya / Pexels

Being a father or mother is not an easy job. Definitely, the arrival of a child will completely change your life routine and even, you may have to give up certain things to dedicate yourself, for a while, to 100% of your baby.

But there are women who have a hard time accepting that their life will never be the same when they decide to have a baby, which leads them to commit certain irrational acts that put the integrity of minors at risk.

That is the case of a photograph that has gone viral on Reddit by a user identified as @RaveenaiWilkes, who recently he came across an unusual scene inside a bar, starring a young mother and her baby.

(Photo: @ RaveenaiWilkes / Reddit)

“Riding your baby on the back of a chair”, is what it reads on the post that accompanies the image where you can clearly see the woman sitting at the bar of a bar, talking with a gentleman, and behind her back her baby who decided to hang on the chair with the help of the babysitter.

The users of this forum branded the woman “unconscious and denatured” for treating her son that way; in addition to ensuring that it left him in a dangerous position.

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