New York : ‘My right foot will not work either,’ the former Miss Colombia, Daniella Álvarez, confessed with integrity

New York :

'My right foot will not work either,' the former Miss Colombia, Daniella Álvarez, confessed with integrity

Daniella Alvarez.

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The Colombian model Daniella Alvarez He said through a video he posted on his account Instagram that his “Right foot will not work again”. This after the exMiss Colombia suffered an ischemia that caused his left leg to be amputated.

The reason for the damage to the foot that would help her move is an injury to the nerves of the tibia and fibula bones and is located just below her knee. This is the reason why the attending physician Daniela He was sincere with it. He said that that foot could not use it because the damage is permanent. The beautiful Colombian said that she called her mother to give her the news and that she began to cry, since “I had some hope.”

“Only people who have gone through a situation like mine, who were on the verge of leaving this world or who have suffered so much pain and discomfort, and so many sacrifices and after losing a leg, and news of these no it gives us so hard “, assured Daniella.

There is no doubt that these have been some ordeals for the former beauty queen. However, it has caused great commotion at the international level not because of the strength of these events but because of the integrity and courage with which it gives Daniela alvarez has faced each one of them.

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