New York : Neapolitan threat: De Laurentiis rages at UEFA over fear of contagion in Barcelona

“I hope for them that if we go nothing happens. If not, hell will break loose ”

Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of Napoli made it clear what he feels discomfort after UEFA confirmed that he Champions League round of 16 match against Barcelona will be played at the Camp Nou

“I wait for them, who are friends, that if we go there nothing happens. If not, as they said in The Gladiator, hell will break loose ”, Shooting the 71-year-old Italian manager in an interview with Sky Sport.

“In UEFA they do like the three monkeys: I do not see, I do not hear and I do not speak” he finished.

“You hear great fears from Spain and they pass the subject”, and spoke that this party could be moved to another place in Europe: “How long would it take to say that we played in Portugal, Germany or Switzerland?”.