New York : New England snowstorm will impact New York and New Jersey

New York :

New England snowstorm will impact New York and New Jersey

Snow accumulates in parts of New England.

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An intense storm that began this Saturday in New England will have its greatest effects on Sunday night, impacting neighboring entities with low temperatures and winds, including New York Y New Jersey.

The National Weather Service warned that the storm would cause from intense winds to combination with rain and, of course, snowfall in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut Y Rhode Island, as well as upstate New York and some areas of New Jersey.

In New York City the temperature will drop further starting Sunday afternoon and throughout the week, just like the New Jersey metropolitan area.

“Winter storm warnings remain in effect for parts of New England through Sunday afternoon, where several more inches of snow are expected, along with the wind.”, indicates the report.

He adds that although the snow is concentrated in certain areas, the impact of the cold extends.

“In the wake of this storm system … it ushers in cold temperatures throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in the first half of next week,” he warns.

The meteorological authorities had warned that there would be 26 snowstorms this season.

On Monday, severe storms could even occur in some areas, experts said.

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