New York : Not even her grandfather can stand her: Enrique Guzmán prefers to sing with Belinda than with Frida Sofía

New York :

Enrique Guzman assures that he would like to approach his granddaughter Frida sofia, but you don’t understand any of the statements you’ve seen from her. Also, he discards the idea of ​​doing a duet with the daughter of Alejandra Guzman “Because he doesn’t sing.”

“I would like there to be a little more connection, although the statements I have seen of her have many ‘beeps’, what she speaks is little and almost everything is rude, it is difficult to understand her.

“To do a duet they both have to sing and she doesn’t sing.”

The interpreter of “La Plaga” announces his concert via streaming “Se Habla Español”, next December 26 through Cinépolis Klic and in which he will have several guests such as Erick Rubín, Kalimba and Aida Cuevas, among others.

However, Alejandra Guzmán will not be able to accompany him due to her work commitments.

“Alejandra Guzmán is now doing a series. The other night he spoke to me and said ‘it is easier to sing than to act’. But I know he’s in Cancun doing this series, I don’t need it for now ”.

Enrique also shares that he would like to do a duet with Belinda.

“I really like Belinda, I’ve known her since I was a girl. I have seen the success she has had and I saw her work here in the theater, she caught my attention because she is also a good actress and I like her ”.

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