New York —

Spot may receive advance instructions for tasks such as sheep grazing

The Boston Dynamics robot dog has been integrating into everyday life and can now also do the work of its flesh-and-blood similar and herd sheep.

The Rocos company, from New Zealand that develops software to control robots remotely, reached an agreement with Boston Dynamics to pProvide remote operation for your robotic dog named Spot.

Rocos said Spot may receive advance instructions to complete tasks. The software also allows you to manually teleoperate the robot dog in case you must be redirected or a problem is found in the mission.

The company posted a video where you can see Sto carry out agricultural tasks moving through the harvest fields and guiding the flock of sheep.

The robot dog moves through difficult environments and operates in conjunction with other units. The video shows just a few seconds of Spot doing the task of a sheepdog, something that makes the scene becomes like a science fiction movie.

Until now this is just a test, the time has not yet come for Spot to replace sheepdogs.

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