New York : Paris Hilton celebrates the anniversary in luxury with “Her ideal man”

New York :

The tv star Paris hilton, who just a few years ago starred in one of the most intriguing love melodramas in the social chronicle with her frustrated wedding project with the actor Chris Zylka, whom he later accused of having taken advantage of his fame and his large checking account, is in love again and, as happened on that previous occasion, at this specific stage of their romance all are words of praise and admiration for his current partner , the 39-year-old businessman Carter Reum.

So much so, that in her last interview, the socialite assured that she was at an optimal moment in her love life, having found, in her own words, the perfect person who complements her and treats her as an “equal”. The future of their love story has been forged “naturally” and, among many other things, thanks to the total transparency that defines its communicative dynamics, which has led the rich heiress to “lower her guard” to show herself such as it is and bring out its most vulnerable side.

“This is the first time in my life that I have been with someone who truly treats me as an equal. He wants nothing more from me than my love and I find it incredible to be able to feel and know that. This is also the first time in my life that I have lowered my guard to open my heart to someone else. After everything that has happened to me, I became a very protective person of myself, I did not let people enter my heart. But with Carter it has happened naturally, as if I have been waiting my whole life for him to come into my life. I am very happy to have found you “, has explained Paris to the news portal AND! News, just before describing his brand new “soul mate” with a string of flattering adjectives.

“He has everything I need and have always wanted from a man: he is loyal, caring, romantic, handsome, considerate, loving, bright, and perfect for me in every way. I had never believed in soul mates until I met Carter. I feel blessed to have found the love of my life at the perfect time“, Has sentenced to celebrate in style the first anniversary of their idyllic relationship.

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