New York : Paty Navidad mocks the censorship of Twitter and “is back”

New York :

Mexican actress Patricia Christmas He refused to censor Twitter and found a logical way to continue spreading his conspiracy theories and support for Donald Trump: he opened a new account.

It should be remembered that the social network permanently suspended Paty Navidad’s account, just as it did with Donald Trump.

“I’m back”, the controversial Mexican personality said happily.

“I’m back! dizziness Never give up or be afraid of the freedom to start over with more strength, each day of life is a great opportunity to evolve, build and create something better for ourselves. God bless you! THANK YOU for loving me and accepting me as I am, ”he wrote.

Christmas has said that the pandemic is a plan to reshape the world order and that the assault on the Capitol last week was a hoax by the Communists.

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