New York : People with significant allergies shouldn’t get Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, UK health authorities warn

New York :

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK warned that people who suffer from “significant” allergic reactions should not undergo the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine which began to be administered this week in that territory.

“The MHRA has warned as a preventive measure that people with a significant history of allergic reactions should not be vaccinated,” said the professor today. Stephen Powis, National Medical Director of the NHS (National Health Service) in England.

The warning from the health authorities comes after two people who received the doses required treatment for an “anaphylactoid” or allergic reaction.

Although both are recovering well, the recommendation is that people who opt for immunization against coronavirus have no history of allergy.

“Two people with a significant history of allergic reactions responded adversely yesterday,” the expert warned.

The head of the regulatory agency, Dr. June Raine, reported the two cases before a committee of Parliament today.

“We know from large clinical trials that this was not a feature,” the spokesperson said.

“But if we need to strengthen our advisory, now that we have had this experience with vulnerable populations, the groups that have been selected as a priority, we send that advice to the field immediately,” Raine added.

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