New York : PHOTOS: Chapo Guzmán’s twin daughters in unpublished photos with Emma Coronel’s brother

PHOTOS: Chapo Guzmán’s twin daughters in unpublished photos with Emma Coronel’s brother.

Photo: File / KENA BETANCUR / . / .

Supposed unpublished images of Edgar Colonel Aispuro, younger brother of Emma Colonelwife of drug dealer Joaquinhe ChapoGuzmán, circulate on social networks.

These are three photographs where you see Edgar in what appears to be a subdivision, accompanied by two girls dressed in the same outfit, some even dare to say that they are the daughters twins and more little of the former leader of the Poster of Sinaloa who is currently serving a sentence in a maximum security prison in state United, although this is not confirmed.

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In another, he can be seen sitting, checking a cell phone, while a group of children live together in the background. Everything indicates that it is a party or a meeting family.

While in the last one, taken against the light, you can see the brother of the exreina of beauty, on the wing of a aircraft and crouched.

Recall that the youngest member of the Colonel Aispuro He was accused of organizing and supervising the construction of the tunnel in the prison of the Plateau, located in the State of Mexico through which the Chapo Guzmán at 2014, in what was his second escape from a maximum security prison in Mexico, after the first recorded in 2001.

Actually Edgar Colonel Aispuro, is imprisoned in that same prison, after being arrested for carrying exclusive weapons of the Mexican Army, as well as carrying of drugs.

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