New York : PHOTOS: Young man blew mud on his face and is now disfigured

New York :

PHOTOS: Young man blew mud on his face and is now disfigured

Exploding a mud can carry health risks.

Photo: Kjerstin Michaela Haraldsen / Pixabay

The nightmare of a 17 year old girl in Philippines He started a year ago with a mud on his face that seemed harmless.

Mary Ann Regacho, a resident of Nueva Écija province, squeezed out her shin and was disfigured.

Newsflare reported the story of the girl who initially thought it was hormonal problems due to her pregnancy.

However, days after tightening the pores, the pain began in the area and the inflammation spread across the face like an inflatable balloon. The swelling is such that the girl can barely open her eyes properly.

Acne currently affects the nose, cheeks, and forehead. The condition even prevents him from sleeping at night.

Worst of all, Regacho does not have the financial means to seek medical treatment, so he has been trying to heal his face – without success – with medicinal herbs.

Desperate for the situation, the Philippine’s husband, identified as Albert, recorded a video and shared it on networks to ask for donations to take his partner to a specialized hospital.

The Prosecutor’s Office officially informed the King Emeritus in November that he was being investigated

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