New York : Prepare these ice cream cubes of aloe vera at home to rejuvenate your skin

New York :

Prepare these ice cream cubes of aloe vera at home to rejuvenate your skin

Aloe vera is famous for its many uses.

Photo: Franziska Ingold / Pixabay

Aloe vera has many useful applications for our health, being the skin rejuvenation one of its benefits according to Vogue Mexico. In this way, people who want to take care of their skin will find aloe vera a great ally.

Is there a way keep aloe vera for long periods of time without losing its properties. If we keep the sprigs of aloe vera as ice cubes, it will be possible to use them on our skin whenever we want.

Why keep aloe vera as ice cubes?

First, aloe vera ice cubes perfectly maintain the beneficial properties of this plant, regardless of the time that has elapsed between its preparation and application.

On the other hand, ice cubes are a practical presentation when putting them on the skin, offering an anti-inflammatory effect that is due not only to aloe, but also to the ice cube itself and its low temperatures.

Ice cubes can keep in the freezer to be used in emergency situations, being a quick and accessible solution to any contingency that occurs at home.

Some of the benefits of aloe vera in this presentation involve acne skin care, decrease in dark circles and wrinkles, caring for minor burns, relief from chafing or blisters, and face care through facial masks.

How to make aloe vera ice cubes

We need 1 large leaf of aloe vera or aloe vera, 1 plastic bucket, tools to make the preparation satisfactorily, preferably a knife and spoon.

aloe vera
This is an innovative way to use aloe vera in your beauty routines. Source: Shutterstock

It would not be just in case identify the variety of aloe vera plant that you have in your environment to get a better idea of ​​how to preserve it. If you know, try to collect the large leaf you need when it is in its first bloom.

We must remove the outer layer of the leaf when it has been collected. We can do this with the knife, taking special care not to scratch ourselves with the spikes of the aloe vera.

Next, and with spoon in hand, we will remove the translucent layer, and we will place it in each empty space of our plastic ice bucket. By last, we will put the ice bucket in the freezer for a couple of hours to have the ice cubes with aloe vera ready.

If you wish, you can enhance the effects of aloe vera by adding another element to the mix, such as juice of half a lemon. Add a few drops for each ice bucket space.

Making aloe vera ice cubes is an innovative way to make use of these branches. We invite you to prepare these cubes in the comfort of your home so that expand your repertoire of remedies beneficial for the health of your skin.

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