New York : Prince Harry makes his first public appearance following ‘Finding Freedom’ revelations

Finding Freedom has left the British family very exposed and all the damage they caused to the Duchess of Sussex

Harry of England made his first public appearance on Thursday since the first excerpts from the controversial and biographical book were released. ‘Finding Freedom’, which recounts in great detail those experiences that led the Dukes of Sussex to leave the front line of the British monarchy earlier this year, as well as other curious anecdotes about the brief stay of Meghan Markle in British lands.

Through a video conference, andThe duke participated in a new global summit on sustainable tourism organized by his association Travalyst, which he founded last year in collaboration with brands such as Visa,, Skyscanner and Tripadvisor to try to transform the travel industry into a much more environmentally friendly and, now, safer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Businesses are suffering significantly and I have heard from some of you that you are having trouble putting food on your tables and making ends meet because tourism has fallen and revenue has plummeted. We need to rebuild the sector, and better rebuild it for the future. That requires responsibility, a responsibility that we cannot reject and which involves guaranteeing the survival of the industry for the coming decades.“Explained the grandson of Isabel II in his speech.

After their official departure from the hard core of the royal house, the Dukes of Sussex have been residing in a luxurious mansion in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Beverly Hills – after passing through Canada – which has quickly become a priority target of the paparazzi. So much so, that the marriage recently filed a complaint against a photographer who, apparently, used a drone to try to capture the family in intimate moments of their daily life.