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The trial for the attack that was videotaped and went viral reaches the final phase

The accused in the racist attack on a Dominican in Belgium in 2018, to which two women and a man threw to the tracks of a train, could spend between nine months and a year in prison.

In an interview with Listín Diario, the victim Leroy Erwin Abraham Encarnación (who was 15 years old at the time of the attack) and his mother Ana Encarnación, indicated that the trial in the case is in the final stage.

According to the Dominican version, the three involved confessed that at the time of the attack at a station in Aarschot they were going to acquire drugs and alcohol.

“They declared that they were drug addicts, sick, that they had taken a lot of alcohol; that at that moment of the discussion, they were going to a town to buy drugs, but at that time they were not drugged, ”Encarnación reported this Wednesday to the said media.

If convicted, Jonas V. could serve one year in prison and would have to pay a 14,000 euros (just over $ 15,000 dollars) fine. While the other two defendants, Sandra H. and Cindy V.G., could remain in prison for about nine months.

“They told me that they were making excuses for me, they wanted to apologize to me, and the magistrate told her that how they waited almost two years knowing where I live, that they could communicate on Facebook, everyone knows where I live here in that town”, commented the mother.

The defendants also alleged that when the teenager took out his cell phone to pass it to his sister, they thought he was going to attack them with a knife.

“They said at the trial that they feared for his life because they thought that the black man was going to take out a knife, so right there racism was seen again,” the mother explained.

The verdict against the accused, who had a history of physical and psychological aggression against blacks and Moroccans, will be on June 15.

The attack on Leroy Abraham, which was videotaped and went viral, was reported in August 2018.

In the images, it is seen when the young man is thrown onto the rails while the trio insults him.

In August 2018, the video of the physical and verbal attack against Leroy Abraham went viral on social networks. The images show how the teenager is thrown onto the train tracks while being insulted by three Belgians.

Despite the attack he suffered, the boy assures that he has managed to overcome the emotional effects.

Although he underwent psychological therapy for the physical and verbal attacks he received, he is currently considered a normal teenager.

“I am doing a teenage boy studying, playing sports, and having fun, normal things, not because something bad has happened to me is not going to affect my entire life,” said Leroy Abraham.