New York : Rafael Amaya, ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, reappears in a video and is accused of being in poor condition

The actor has been out of the spotlight after concluding his participation as Aurelio Casillas

Rafael Amaya has been away from television and the media since his departure from “The Lord of the heavens“. The actor who played Aurelio Casillas in the Telemundo narco series for several seasons, disappeared after having health problems.

There have been few times that he has been seen in public and a fan recently found him and TikTok him with the iconic character.

“What’s up, compa? Here I am with your wife. Why are you leaving her alone? If I were you, I would not leave her alone ”, Amaya is heard saying as the character of Casillas. “Shrimp that falls asleep.”

Amaya was strongly criticized on the social network because many assumed that he was past drinks because of the faces he made. The fan who shared the video clarified the situation.

“He was playing, I asked him to play the role of Aurelio, he’s a great guy,” the fan replied to a detractor who said he was “more locked than the door.”