New York : Rapist and murderer of Liz María in the Dominican Republic would have masturbated in front of her

Neighbors explode against the parents of the 9-year-old girl, since – they allege – they were negligent and exposed her to her sexual predator

The neighbors of Liz María Sánchez, the 9-year-old girl raped and murdered in the Dominican Republic, expressed their anger at the brutal abuse to which the girl was subjected, whose body has not yet been recovered.

For the crime, he was arrested Starlin Francisco Santos, alias “El Panadero”, 40 years old.

The 44-year-old man, who would have confessed to the crime, was a neighbor of Ensanche Isabelita de Santo Domingo Este where the victim’s family also resides.

The version that the authorities handle indicates that Santos raped and strangled the minor before depositing the body in a sack and transferring it by motorcycle to the Las Américas highway where he threw it into the sea.

According to media reports on the island, the victim’s parents gave the man confidence and access to his home, which made it easier for him to abuse the minor in the most brutal way.

“That man used to go there, two weeks ago, in his house. The girl said that he touched her and masturbated in front of the girl, ”a neighbor told AN7.

Other residents asked the National Police to be diligent in the case so that the person responsible does not go unpunished.

“That this case is not like that of Karla Maciel, that it remains unpunished. I want this case to go to the last, ”said an angry resident of the area.

“There is an oversight there because, if they had taken action from the beginning, this would not have happened,” said another resident.

“They said the girl had been touched several times. So, if they had already touched her, what did they have to do? Take action on the matter ”, added the interviewee.

However, Emmanuel Sánchez, Liz María’s father, said that he opened his house to Santos “out of grief,” and that he never thought that he would harm his daughter.

“I saw him going through work, with the boy and I in my good faith and as a Dominican I finally told him to go to my house so that he and the boy could eat there. That child was skinny and malnourished, out of pain I opened the doors of my house for him, ”Sánchez told reporters.

Sánchez added that he believes the suspect planned the event in advance.

“He planned that, he waited for a weekend that I wasn’t here. If I were here, my girl was alive and that charlatan would have been dismembered by now. The girl had never been there and it was that day, he wrapped her up with the cell phone, ”the man argued.

The father was referring to the alleged trick of the attacker to give the electronic device to the girl to gain her trust and continue the abuse.

Liz María disappeared last Sunday, around 8 am, precisely when she was going to look for the cell phone that the neighbor would give her.

The search for the minor’s body continues despite interruptions due to weather conditions. According to the Listín Diario report, aides from the Ministry of Defense integrated a drone with an infrared lens as part of the efforts.