New York : Rashel Díaz talks about how a ‘trio’ has her full of love

New York :

Who until recently was in front of the screens of Telemundo, Rashel Diaz, has returned to speak for a publication in his account Instagram, but not in a negative way, quite the opposite. The Cuban shared an image where she comes face to face with her husband, Carlos Garcia, who has given him all the support in the world and even more after his departure from the morning show.

“More than a couple, we are a team … and not just any team, one strengthened by our love between three: God, you and me #VidaRashel”, was the heartfelt message that he dedicated Rashel to Charles. Since her dismissal, the lovebirds have become more inseparable, as they not only work from home but have also joined in on various projects together.

There is no doubt that these lovers seem more boyfriends than husbands and a fundamental part of that is God, because through religion it was how they fell in love, always ‘they walk hand in hand with it’ and together they make a powerful trio. The freshness and energy of this relationship is rewarded on a daily basis in the hundreds of messages the presenter receives, not only for herself but also for her husband.

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