New York : Raúl de Molina is strongly criticized for “Exhibiting luxuries and food in the midst of a pandemic”

New York :

Raúl de Molina is strongly criticized for

Raúl de Molina.

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Raul de Molina, “Fat” The darling of Hispanic television, he gave a lot to talk about when he went out to dinner at a luxurious restaurant in the city of Miami accompanied by his wife, Mily de Molina. While the couple enjoyed some succulent dishes, many of their followers drew strong criticism against them for “Do this in the middle of the pandemic.”

“Hopefully you read this … on the one hand, it’s good that you can enjoy life like that … but many people have nothing to eat. I ask myself, do you help your neighbor?

– “Enjoy while you can because the virus runs to rich and poor.”

– “There are many people who do not have to eat because of this pandemic and you do it.”

– “While some of us are locked up, others enjoy.”

– “That of displaying the luxuries while many people are suffering is like little taste, right ?! Not only is there a pandemic that does not allow us to have dinner in restaurants because we have to be responsible and protect ourselves, but there are also many people who do not have the money to do so due to the consequences of a pandemic ”.

Definitely, the host of the show Univision of “The fat and the skinny” received few flowers and many criticisms that stood out for their forcefulness. However, Raul de Molina did not pay attention to their “Retractors” and he did not respond to their messages as he had done on previous occasions.

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