New York : Raúl Jiménez returns home: he was discharged from the hospital and is already resting at home

New York :

Raúl Jiménez left the hospital where he was admitted and he is already at home with his family, after suffer a skull fracture the last weekend.

The Mexican footballer of Wolverhampton He was transferred to his home, where he rests with his partner, Daniela, and his daughter, Arya; this was confirmed by the Wanderers coach, Nuno Espirito Santo, to the Sky Sports chain before the duel against Liverpool.

“Raúl has come home. We are delighted that you did. He is improving and little by little returning to normality, “said the Portuguese coach.

Jiménez, 29, had been in the hospital since last Sunday, when he was transferred urgently after suffering a head-to-head collision with David Luiz, from Arsenal.

He underwent surgery and remained in the hospital for observation, until he could be transferred to his home, where your rehabilitation process will begin.

To honor him, Wolves players warmed up this Sunday with jerseys to support them.

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