New York state recorded fewer than 100 daily coronavirus deaths for the first time since late March, with 84 deaths on the last day, Governor Andrew Cuomo reported Saturday.

“It is still a tragedy, to be sure, but overall it is good news,” Cuomo said at his daily press conference on the evolution of Covid-19.

For the Democratic leader, the figure represented “real progress” and a significant decrease compared to the 109 deaths announced yesterday, the EFE news agency reported.

This drop also occurred in the other daily indicators disclosed by the state authorities, such as in the number of new cases, hospitalizations and intubations for the new coronavirus.

A trend that has been occurring for several weeks throughout the territory, although more slowly in the Big Apple.

New York is the state hardest hit by the pandemic, with a total of 359,926 infections and 23,282 deaths, of which 194,667 cases and 16,403 deaths were recorded in the city of the same name, the national epicenter of the pandemic, according to the latest official report.

Despite these alarming figures, the state began a de-escalation at the beginning of the month and has already reopened its less affected northern regions, while seeing progress in the southern ones.

The governor said two of the three regions that have not yet started the first phase of the reopening, Long Island and Mid-Hudson, will be in a position to meet the requirements next week, but said nothing about the area of ​​the city of New York, which according to the municipality could do so in the first half of June.

Meanwhile, the state authorities are already preparing the rules regarding the sectors that can operate in the so-called phase two -professional services and retail trade, particularly- for those regions that “do not have upturns in their metrics” of Covid-19 in the two weeks after entering the first stage.

However, Cuomo called for caution during this long weekend, marked by the Memorial Day holiday next Monday, which usually marks the unofficial start of the summer season, with more people traveling and gathering on beaches and parks.

He recalled that almost a third of those who get the virus are asymptomatic, so he urged the population to get tested, to cover their faces in situations of contact with other people and not to do “parties of 10 people” just because they are authorized since yesterday.

The governor also reopened some state beaches for bathers – not New York City’s that only allow walking and sitting – but today’s rain has, for the time being, kept people in their homes.

Asked about sending about 4,000 older adults who were recovering from Covid-19 in hospitals to residences, Cuomo noted that, like other states, they had followed the recommendations of the Donald Trump government to avoid a sanitary collapse.

“New York followed the guidance of an agency of the president,” said the New York governor, who asked “not to criticize the state for following the president’s policies.”