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Two months after the national healthy distance day was established, more than half the team was positive

Once again, Mexican soccer is once again in the spotlight of world soccer: the shameful goals from Tigres to Veracruz, the purchase of permanence in the First Division, the drop elimination and the list goes on and on and on …

But this time, Santos Laguna became the professional team with the most infected by coronavirus around the world, It has almost twice as many cases as El Segundo, the Italian Sampdoria.

15 confirmed cases and 17 still to be reviewed, which does not make one think that this figure remains there.

And said with all its lyrics this it is a real shame, at this stage of the epidemic in Mexico, with more than 2 months of the national day fully established, it is incredible that more than half a team is infected. Of course, fortunately they are all asymptomatic.

Another thing: the possible Liga MX return was totally ruled out Due to this shameful record that the Santos lagoon.

And now that Liga MX has been permanently canceled What is going to happen? League players will continue to take this emergency lightly or they will actually stick to the government’s suggestions for avoid further expanding the Covid-19’s range.