New York : Republican leader in the Senate opens the door to extend the $ 600 weekly for unemployment

Mitch McConnell acknowledged that there would be no full consensus among Republican senators

Republicans were proposing to reduce the amount to $ 200 a week.


Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, was open Tuesday to support an economic stimulus package that include expanding the federal unemployment benefit to $ 600 a week. This program, which ended at the end of July, is a matter of dissent not only with the Democrats but also within the Republican Party.

“If this achieves the agreement of the president from the United States and its team, which has to sign it, and from the Democrats, a not insignificant minority in the Senate and the majority in the House, is something that I am willing to approveMcConnell said at his weekly press conference.

The change in position of the Republican leader, who clarified that he continues to have “some problems” with the benefit, comes after this Monday the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said on . that was unwilling to negotiate the amount of the unemployment benefit.

“I think the number, the $ 600, is more related to the unemployment rate. If unemployment decreases, that number may decrease“Explained the Democrat.

Republicans in the Senate proposed in their Heals Bill a reduction to $ 200 dollars a week that would later become 70% of salary that the unemployed received at the job he lost. However, President Donald Trump last Friday gave signs of supporting the payments of $ 600 dollars.

McConnell recognized the differences between republican lawmakers In this regard, he told the press that “if they are looking for a total consensus among the Republican senators, they will not find it.”

The Republican is willing to support putting the $ 600 a week into the stimulus package if Democrats, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, they agree with the Trump Administration.