New York : Republicans already “suffer” from Trump’s announcement for his 2024 campaign

New York :

Republicans already

President Trump during his recent rally in Georgia.

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Although he does not acknowledge it publicly, the president Donald trump He has advanced that he will leave the White House, but has other plans that already concern the Republican Party.

It turns out that the president is flirting with the possibility of running again for president in 2024 and this has caused some suspicion among Republicans who have aspirations for that year.

The reason is that, even though he lost the election, the president achieved the highest number of votes for a Republican candidate in history. His political capital is alive and that allows him some control of the party.

“Given the president’s tight grip on Republican voters, even flirting with a race could freeze some Republican hopefuls in place given the risk of a battle with Trump,” notes a report from The Hill.

Alex Conant, Republican strategist and former communications director for the senator’s 2016 presidential campaign Marco Rubio (Florida), considered that no one could overshadow the president.

“Trump is the 800-pound gorilla in the Republican Party right now. For the moment, everyone else is going to give him space “, said.

There is nothing official about a candidacy, but there are several reports of Politician and other media that indicate that President Trump could even make the announcement on the same day as the inauguration of the president-elect Joe biden.

“A source close to the Trump campaign said that Trump, who would be 78 years old in 2024, could ‘dance’ with the idea of ​​running for some time to attract media coverage and aid in his business activities,” the report says. from The Hill.

However, the same source indicates that the Republican president may decide not to seek another term.

“It’s a question of playing long term,” said a person close to a potential 2024 contender.

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