New York : Rob Kardashian competes with his sisters and releases a new product

New York :

Rob Kardashian competes with his sisters and releases a new product

Rob Kardashian.

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Since they launched their first applications and websites, which remained active for only three years, the sisters Kardashian They have tried to focus on different sectors: Kourtney has always been the wellness guru, Khloé long ago became the fitness expert and everything related to beauty or makeup falls within the competence of Kim kardashian.

His brother Rob kardashian He is the only one who has not found a clear vocation and the main occupation known to him is as a sock designer through his company Arthur George. However, now he has proposed to try his luck in the soda market by creating a vanilla cream soda that he has baptized as Exotic Pop and what claims it is “Twice as good” that the popular Canada Dry with that same flavor. At the moment it has not revealed when it will go on sale or where it can be bought.

Last november Rob, who has disappeared from public life for years to focus on tackling his overweight problems, presented another new project: a spicy, vegan and gluten-free sauce called Grandeur Hot Sauce in which he collaborated with his mother Kris jenner and the designer Nick tershay.

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