New York —

The “Joker” Pizarro beat Lobo Mexicano 3-2 on aggregate.

Inter Miami / Courtesy

In a duel that many soccer and FIFA 20 fans expected, Rodolfo Pizarro beat his compatriot Raúl Jiménez in what was called the first international “eFriendly” between two Mexicans from different leagues.

The series was resolved upon reciprocal visitIn other words, there was first a game in Miami and immediately afterwards one was held in Wolverhampton with Raúl Jiménez at home. The former Chivas tightly defeated the former America, since there was only one goal difference in the global.

The first match ended 2-1 in favor of Rodolfo Pizarro, although the person in charge of opening the scoring was Jiménez, who through Jonny’s virtual version, beat goalkeeper Luis Robles in the 24th minute.

The tie came in the second half, at 55 ’, when Pizarro with his in-game character pierced the net with a left-footed shot. And it could not miss its characteristic celebration dance.

In the final stretch, at 85 ’“ Joker ”sealed the score for Inter with a goal that Agudelo sent to the back of the Wolves’ frame.

In the second meeting, with the local Mexican Wolf, the story happened more or less similar, since the Premier League reopened the score at 17 ′ and Rodolfo Pizarro paired, celebrating again with his little dance. The blackboard no longer moved and After the 1-1 draw, glory stayed on the side of Miami.