New York : Routine for men: how to achieve pectoral marking

New York :

As Vitónica indicates, The pectorals are a region of the body that attracts a lot of attention inside and outside the world of fitness, which leads many men to pay special attention to exercises that work that muscle group.

There are exercises that help to work the pectorals so that they are marked as we see fit, but they will not help us much if we are not clear about some important points around the conformation of the pectorals and other aspects.

How are the pecs shaped?

The pectoralis major is a muscle that crosses a single joint that corresponds to the shoulder. The pectoral originates from the sternum and inserts into the arm after crossing the shoulder.

The pectoralis major has a shape that allows it to be divided into two areas; the sternocostal portion, which arises through the sternum and inserts into the bicipital groove of the shoulder, and the clavicular portion, originated from the clavicle and also inserted into the slide.

Both portions perform the same action, the horizontal shoulder abduction, or in simpler terms, push and hug. The sternocostal portion is responsible for extending the shoulder, and the clavicular portion flexes it.

The importance of arms for the moment

The moment arm allows you to have an idea of how much our arm extends when performing an exercise, and if the movement we make is more or less short from a standard that we choose.

Knowing the structure of the body will allow us to understand the exercises to be performed. Source: Pexels

The importance of the arms for the moment is that they can tell us whether or not we execute a certain exercise correctly, which can tell us about our technique and the work we do on a specific muscle.

For example, in the movement that consists of bringing our arm closer to the body, the moment arm is between 41 and 64 degrees. The simplest reference would be an arm that is parallel to the ground, marking an angle of ninety degrees.

An arm for the moment less wide than this could be being badly executed by the person, although that also depends on the characteristics of your body and arm extension with what he exercises.

How to have strong pecs

Among the exercises you can perform are the Incline press, flat bench press, and decline press.

In the incline press the chest is strengthened and the upper chest beam is activated. On the other hand, in the flat bench press all portions of it are activated. Finally, in the decline press the lower chest beam is activated.

It is important to highlight that marking and working the pectorals is a goal that is easier to achieve by Work in a Gym. Although you can also choose a home mode, this is a slower trail, which may not be helpful for some men.

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