New York : Salma Hayek and María Celeste Arrarás surprise without a drop of makeup

New York :

Far from the perfect ones seen on movie and television screens. The actress Salma Hayek and the journalist Maria Celeste Arrarás They published some images of them in which they appear without makeup, making it clear that they do not always need that “help” to look great. On the contrary, the natural beauty of both celebrities was flattered by their followers.

The journalist, who spent many years in front of the screens of Red Hot She is 60 years old and the truth is that her complexion looks much better than any girl’s. Few people could calculate his age. Without makeup, she looks unusually less, which leaves no doubt that her beauty is not based on “tricks”.

For its part, to the Mexican Salma Hayek We have seen her more often without filters and without makeup, especially when she is on the beach or in the pool. On this occasion, he published a photograph enjoying an afternoon where elegance was not invited. The interpreter of Frida Kahlo He is 54 years old but they would never imagine his age if it was not because the information is at the hand of anyone. It is shown that the actress of Hollywood it accentuates its beauty over the years.

There is no doubt that both You will tear What Hayek they are still one of the most relevant beauties of Latin America and his fans thank him for his honesty because with or without makeup they continue to captivate everyone who sees them.

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