New York : Salma Hayek shares a photo with her stepdaughter Mathilde Pinault and falls in love with the networks

New York :

There is no doubt that in the family of Salma Hayek there is pure beauty.

And it is that if his daughter Valentina Paloma, whom he procreated with the businessman François-Henri Pinault, has been considered one of the most beautiful faces, now the one that is monopolizing the spotlight is Mathilde Pinault, the stepdaughter of the actress.

You are a bright light in our lives“It was part of the message that accompanied a photo where you can see the Mexican with the young woman.

Although for many it was unknown to others, not, since Mathilde is an influencer, since she is always active in networks, where he uploads images showing his figure, which could explode one hundred percent as a model, but apparently, the girl has other plans in mind.

Since he was 15 years old, he has enjoyed participating in equestrian jumping competitions, a facet of his life that he also shares with all his followers.

Tildie, as Mathilde calls herself, has managed to place herself at the top of European show jumping tournaments.

It is known that the good relationship with her stepmother lies in the fact that the Mexican, as she told Psychologies magazine, respects the mothers of Francois-Henri Pinault’s children.

“My job is just to create an environment where they feel like family, safe and pampered. They can always count on me for that, ”said Salma.

BY: Gisela García

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