New York : Seeing is believing: Chinese fighter Xu Can threw 111 punches in 10 seconds

He is the WBA featherweight champion and now also holds the title of “fastest boxer”

Xu Can beat Manny Robles last November.

Photo: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos / Courtesy

How many boxing punches can be thrown in 10 seconds? Well, it all depends on who the fighter is, what their weight is and what kind of shots they are.

Xu Can, the Chinese fighter who is a World Boxing Association version featherweight champion, has raised his hand, or rather, his hands, to claim the title of the fastest fighter on the planet.

In a training session, the 26-year-old fighter nicknamed “Monster” unleashed an incredible 111 hits in 10 seconds, as verified in a tweet from the promoter Golden Boy.

But in this case, seeing is better than believing.

Of course, watching the video one understands why so many hits; They are not power shots, but very short circular shots, the kind that boxers practice to improve their speed. Anyway, the speed of Xu Can’s hands is amazing.

Needless to say, the man from China is not a power fighter. Although his professional record is 18-2, has only won three times by knockout.


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