New York : She lost her baby a few days ago and her friend asks her to return the gifts she gave her for the child

New York :

Suffer the death of a baby during pregnancy is perhaps the deepest pain a woman can experience. At this difficult time, empathy, compassion and support are required, but the case of this woman who is going through this grief shows that some people lack the capacity to offer solidarity.

An unidentified woman lost her baby a few days ago and her friend asked her to return the gifts she gave her for the child, whom his mother would call Benjamin. The unfortunate mother went into labor at 29 weeks’ gestation and her baby did not survive. So her friend requested the gifts she had sent her to give to someone else and save a few dollars on Christmas presents.

The grieving mother’s case was shared on Reddit with a screenshot of the post the woman wrote on Facebook. “I did not want to spread this but I no longer have a choice,” said the woman to later explain that her friend asked her for the gifts she had given her back.including a soft wool blanket, clothing, little shoes, a stuffed elephant and a singing toy.

The Facebook image shared on Reddit. Screenshot

When the mother explained that she had used the blanket to bury her baby, the friend asked her to pay her $ 10. (seven pounds) he had spent on it. The woman insisted with several messages that I return her things before Christmas.

The reactions to such a sensitive case were immediate. “Just disgustingly rude,” wrote one user. “I am glad that the mother who lost her baby has denounced her ‘friend’ demands and I hope that all their mutual friends block her,” said another. “I refuse to believe this is real simply because I cannot handle the depravity of asking a mother who just lost the child she obviously loved and desired for an item.”Added a third.

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