New York : She pretended to have cancer so she could have the wedding of her dreams

New York :

She pretended to have cancer so she could have the wedding of her dreams

In addition, the couple had a luxurious honeymoon.

Photo: Jeremy Wong / Pexels

The name of Toni Standen generates repudiation among those who have heard of her story, since this woman She was able to lie with something very delicate in order to cheat and thus be able to celebrate what she called “the wedding of her dreams”.

Toni, 29, is detained and behind bars, awaiting a final sentence after being charged with the crime of fraud, after deceiving his family, friends and some strangers between February 2019 and April 2020.

It turns out that Standen he wished he could throw a big party for their wedding party but I did not have enough money to be able to meet your expectations, so It was easy for him to invent that he had terminal cancer and therefore, he only wanted to fulfill as a “last will” the power to marry the one who was the love of his life.

Out of compassion, some of those closest to him mobilized to raise funds to try to fulfill what was apparently his last wish. The situation went further, as this woman shaved her head in order to be able to appear on different television channels that made her story public.

Thanks to all this, Standen raised over $ 11,000 for his dream wedding, which was attended by about 150 guests. Also, the couple enjoyed an extensive honeymoon for Turkey, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Italy.

They discovered their big lie

In January this year, Standen made public on his social networks that the cancer had spread to practically his entire body and that he was only 2 months old.

Weeks later, a rumor spread that he had died, which he denied, and in April he indicated that he had been infected with coronavirus. This caught the attention of some of her acquaintances, who began to suspect that what she had told them was not true, so when she felt cornered, she had no choice but to confess her big lie.

Said phone call was recorded and handed over to the police, who were in charge of investigating the case and subsequently determining his arrest.

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