New York shields itself from the pandemic with draconian measures by reaching 950 infections in its state

More than 700 cases of coronavirus and seven deaths, which is the highest number in the United States, New York He continued his stoic onslaught to stop the advance of the disease, while also preparing to face the lack of beds to care for the infected.

Of the number of infected with the COVID-19 at the state level, 463 corresponds to the city of New York, while the number of deaths rose to seven until this morning.

Hospitals at the State level add up 50,000 beds, of which 3,000 are for intensive care and almost 80% of these were occupied by 17% of those infected requiring hospitalization. Until this Monday, the State of New York had 950 cases, as announced by the Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“The numbers of cases are increasing rapidly,” said the governor while acknowledging that at the time his major concern it is how to ensure that the hospital system is not totally overwhelmed. He also revealed that he has notified hospital administrators that the authorities could soon require that suspend all non-urgent surgeries.

The first state executive insisted on appealing to the Trump Administration to deploy the Army Corps of Engineers in order to adapt facilities to face the emergency, something very similar to what is already happening in Spain and Italy

Cuomo warned that in case that mobilization does not arrive from Washington, the state will use its National Guard and other means to see how to increase the number of hospital places, identifying buildings as university residences or nursing homes in disuse that can become health centers.

Interstate endeavor

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that, as of Monday night, the states of New York, New Jersey Y Connecticut unify efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

This includes implementing a maximum capacity of 50 people in spaces “Multitudinous”, as well as expanding home delivery and take away service to restaurants and cafes. In addition to this, cinemas, gyms, casinos and other establishments will be closed.

Closing of Bars and Restaurants

At the city level, the emergency instead showed its face with the school closures, the usual shows of Broadway, added to the partial closure as of this Tuesday bars and restaurants, which will only accept take-out orders during daytime hours.

The drastic measure is similar to that taken in Ohio, Washington DC and in the collective effort to curb the increase in infections from the deadly virus.

Our lives are changing in ways unimaginable in just a week. The objective is to save the lives of our loved ones and our neighbors, ”said De Blasio in a release issued by his office, which described the measure as “drastic but necessary.”

Food delivery by bicycle allowed

While the closure of bars and restaurants was put into effect, ironically Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement to suspend the repression against the delivery workers who use electric bicycles.

“This victory is huge for workers like me, who came together and have fought hard for years to achieve it. We especially need protection at this time, but it is a great relief to know that we will no longer be criminalized just for using a basic tool that we need to put food on many New Yorkers’ tables and on our own, ”he said. Fredy german, member of Make the Road New York and delivery worker in Brooklyn.

Authorities fear the collapse of New York State hospitals due to the pandemic

Make the Road New York Co-CEO, Deborah Axt, commented that the suspension of repression against bicycles electric has great meaning right now for workers of food delivery.

“We urge the Mayor to ensure that this suspension is permanent, while calling on leaders like Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to quickly pass the legislation on electric bicycles that would apply statewide, “added Axt.

Lethal measures against the New York economy

Meanwhile, the governor acknowledged that decisions against the coronavirus threaten to be a devastating blow for the economy of the city, where hundreds of thousands of people live from the hospitality industry –New York has more than 25,000 restaurants– and tourism and now see their jobs in grave danger.

“Our main example right now is slowing down the spread of this virus so that the wave of new infections does not sink our healthcare system,” Cuomo said.

Hence the extreme measures approved in search of a greater “social distancing” and what have practically done stop life in the largest city of United States.

A first public employee dies

The most recent victim in New York City is a man who worked for the City Department of Corrections (DOC). According to the report of the Department of Health, he died on Sunday at 11:30 pm coronavirus victim, becoming the first case of a municipal worker who dies in the Big Apple It was due to this disease.

In order to appease the case, the DOC stated that the deceased did not maintain contact direct with prisoners at Rikers Island Prison or another jail in the five boroughs, as he was not a correctional guard, but an employee in that agency’s Investigations Division, located at Queens.

From the balance made by the state and city health authorities, it was established that, the most affected area of ​​the state is New York City, where 463 cases were concentrated until yesterday, 134 more than the day before, followed by the county of Westchester (220), an area located north of the Big Apple where the first major outbreak in the area occurred.

Closing of colleges and universities until April

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed the executive order that provides for the closure of New York schools at the close of Monday afternoon. from this Wednesday 18 until April 1.

“The most effective way to reduce the spread of this virus is reduce close contacts, and that includes our schools. I lead the closure of all schools across the state for two weeks as we continue to work aggressively to increase testing, isolate those who are sick and mitigate the impacts of this virus”Said the governor

This action will ensure consistency and uniformity across the state in instructional time for this extraordinary school year.

School districts will be required to develop a plan for alternative educational options, including distance learning; distribution and availability of meals; and daycare, with an emphasis on the children of first aid parents and health workers. Those plans must be submitted to the State Department of Education, who may amend or modify those plans in consultation with the State Department of Health and the Office of Children and Family Services anytime.

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