New York : Shock the birth of a dog with one eye, 2 tongues and no nose

New York :

Shock the birth of a dog with one eye, 2 tongues and no nose

The dog died within minutes of being born.

Photo: Mateja Lemic / Pexels

Social networks are full of amazing and at the same time somewhat terrifying things that cause us some commotion, especially situations that are adverse or go against nature, either due to inhospitable causes or generated by bad ones. man’s actions.

Internet users have been perplexed by a couple of photographs that have been circulating on the net for a few days about an unusual birth of a dog in Tangalan, Philippines.

The animal came to this world in a litter of 6 puppies; however, he was the only one He was born with multiple malformations that caused his death shortly after birth.

In the photos you can see a puppy with white fur which only has one eye, 2 tongues and does not have a nose, what caused that it could not breathe and neither to feed itself, condemned thus to die very soon.

It was the dog’s own owner, Amie de Martin, who shared the photographs of this strange event. He also assured that he did everything possible so that the dog could survive, but due to his physiognomy it was impossible to save him.

According to the newspaper The clarinAmie called the dog Cyclops, a name related to the fact that it only had one eye; She also explained that she tried to feed him through a dropper and formula milk, but the issue of the nose caused him to not breathe properly and to die within minutes of being born.

Those who have seen the photos of Cyclops assured to feel sadness and pity for the animal, as well as amazement at its condition, since no type of malformation is observed in the animal’s body.

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