New York : Showdown of the Year: Indian Engineer Defeats “World’s Strongest” Bodybuilder in Hand-Ups

New York :

The recently started 2021, has already thrown a dispute more than memorable, it is the competence of overdue between Rahul panicker, the current Indian champion of the competition in his category of up to 70 kilograms, who managed to defeat Larry Wheels, the “world’s strongest” bodybuilder.

In a recording broadcast on social networks you can see a modern representation of the biblical account of David vs. Goliath, well Two meter wheels tall (6’5 ”) and about 115 kilos (253 pounds) fell surprisingly before 70 kg panicker (154 pounds) an opponent who is half his dimensions.

However, Rahul Panicker started losing rounds against Larry Wheels, which seemed normal to viewers, but suddenly, leaving dumbfounded To all, the Indian knew how to recover and managed to prevail in the next three rounds in a row, managing to turn the result around.

Panicker is software engineer, is 31 years old and has been a defeated national champion six times. For its part, Wheels is broke the record of RPS Power weightlifting in the 275-pound category, in addition to being bodybuilding champion NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic in California, titles that didn’t do him much good.

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