New York : Sofía Castro confirms that Angélica Rivera returns to television

The actress of “The Dragon” confessed that her mother has plans to resume her career

Sofia Castro.

Photo: Ángel Delgado / Agencia Reforma

After his divorce from Enrique Peña Nieto and remain several months away from the public eye, some rumors emerged that pointed to a possible return of Angélica Rivera to television, however, she is her daughter Sofia Castro, who reveals if his mom will resume his career soon.

Through an interview with the journalist Maxine Woodside, the oldest daughter of José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, He confirmed that the protagonist of ‘Distilling love’ already has plans to return to television, although he did not want to give more details of the project in which he will be seen again, he assured that fans of his mother will be able to see her again on screen.

Yes, it will return, but I still do not know when, nor how, nor in what form, nor on what platform, nor on which channel, nor with what history, I still do not know anything“Said the 23-year-old actress.

So far, the former First Lady of Mexico has only made a few appearances on social networks with her three daughters and their father, where they have been seen as a loving family.

In other topics, the actress of ‘The Dragon’, shared how in love she is with her boyfriend, Pablo Bernot, with whom he will soon celebrate eleven months of relationship:

I am still with him, we are going to be 11 months old and I am really happy, in love and the truth is that we are very happyHe confessed.