New York : Sofía Rivera shares video licking the rear of Bárbara de Regil

New York :

Sofia Rivera Torres he could no longer bear the desire it brought him to Barbara de Regil.

Through a video on her Instagram account, the television host can be seen with her husband Eduardo Videgaray enjoying some good drinks, but suddenly, she takes a magazine in which De Regil appears and without further ado …she gives a few licks to her friend’s butt!

“Barb’s, forgive me, but I asked my husband for permission to do this, wow, Barb’s,” said the presenter, while the laughter of her companions can be heard in the background.

Although the action amused his partner and his friend José Ramón San Cristóbal “El Estaca”, who was also at the meeting, for some users it was a very unpleasant action, so he used his account on the social network to apologize.

She even posted an image with the caption that she was raw and that her husband must have taken her cell phone from her to avoid posting such stories.

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