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The sports firm has previously worked in conjunction with the NFL before.

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Strategies are being created in all sports leagues to return in the safest way when the authorities allow sports activity to resume and Nfl it is not the exception to this rule; Although the season has not started, initiatives are being sought to safeguard the health of its protagonists when the time comes.

The sports equipment brand Oakley is exploring the possibility of prototyping helmets that may contain N95 filters or some type of surgical material., according to Thom Mayer, medical director of the NFL Players Association, who works in conjunction with the firm.

In early March, I suggested that we should consider novel and emerging ways of handling helmets and face masks. There are some prototypes, some when you look at them at the beginning, they make you think: ‘no’, because you are not used to seeing them, but every issue that you can imagine is being analyzed; even if this is tarnished and what we could do, ”he revealed in an interview with ESPN.

This is not the first time the league and the brand they work together as in 2019 they implemented colored visors on helmets.