New York : “Supports the old man for money”: they say that Vicente Fernández Jr.’s voluptuous girlfriend is with him out of interest

New York :

From the beginning of their relationship, Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Mariana González Padilla, also known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, they have had to face numerous criticisms due to their age difference. even because of the way they dress, but despite everything, the couple is increasingly united and strong. To defend herself from the attackers Mariana posted.

“It was, is and will be a pleasure to coincide with you in this life, I love you. We have a thousand judges who judge what is ours every day in a world in which everyone believes God. The only thing that matters to me is what we both know ”, wrote next to a photograph, in which both appear embracing.

Vicente Fernández’s son has not been spared either criticism and qualifications such as “sugar daddy” or “ridiculous old man.”

Comments on social networks always refer to Mariana being with Vicente out of interest.

“How sad it is when a woman is interested in a man who is already done and he does not realize that it is for interest”, “With all due respect, but if he had been a bricklayer or a taxi driver you would not even peel him”, ” Long live love … Money. But why put up with an old man if there is onlyfans “, read many comments.

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