New York : The 8 foods that increase abdominal fat the most

New York :

Today it turns out more relevant than ever follow all measures that relate to a lower body weight and a better health, that is why the good balance between diet, physical activity Y stress levels, seem to be the perfect formula for long-term results.

The truth is that there are many people who are extremely disciplined in its physical activity routine, they get frustrated when not getting the expected results and this is directly related to the type of diet they follow. That is, the more exercise a person does, if they consume foods that are simply not healthy These will end up being reflected in a storage of fat in the abdominal area short term No matter how many abdominal exercises you do!

Regardless of the aesthetic aspect, excess abdominal fat in the long run it is related to various conditions that deteriorate health. It is because of that waist circumference is considered an indicator for detect possible health risks, in such a way that measuring the body mass index (BMI) is a key concept, which in most cases indicates conditions such as the overweight, the obesity, heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and conditions digestive and liver.

While abdominal fat it will never look good, it’s a way of measure actual health status of a person. In fact, this type of fat tends to become internal, that is, it becomes visceral fat that covers the most important organs of the body and increases significantly the risk of contracting diseases.

Based on the above, we took on the task of selecting the 8 worst foods for abs, its recurring consumption is derived in a fat gain which deteriorates physical and mental health considerably. Take note.

1. White bread

If you use eat white bread as part of daily feedinga, it’s time to avoid it. to get started white bread is a highly processed product, which belongs to the carbohydrates refined and that is characterized by its high glycemic index; which tends to lead to worrying increases in the blood sugar levels. What is more worrying is that normally refined carbohydrates, do not burn properly in the body and usually become abdominal fat. This does not mean that bread is the enemy, on the contrary, there are very healthy variants of bread full of health benefits; choose those that are made with whole grains or wheat, are rich in fiber and other nutrients that accelerate metabolism.

White bread. / Photo: Pixabay

2. French fries

Probably the French fries are on the list of less healthy foods of the planet and curiously they are also one of the more accessible, practically everywhere you get a bag of this crunchy snack. In fact, they are considered one of the snacks that once you start eating, inexplicably you cannot stop. And yes, they are on the list of the worst foods for abs and without a doubt it relates to your high in saturated fat, which is derived from the use of hydrogenated oils and which are associated with serious consequences In the health. It is very difficult for the body burn all fat that they contain and in a way it stays stuck at the waist. Another of his great defects is related to his high sodium content, which directly promotes inflammation and fluid retention.

Potato chips
Potato chips. / Photo: Pixabay

3. Diet foods with sweeteners

The recommendation is very simple: avoid any processed food, especially those sold as versions “Light”. Yes, this includes everything product that baked like the biscuits or cereals, yogurts Y desserts. That is why one of the best health recommendations is based on always reading the labels of the products we purchase, if you see an artificial sweetener in the list of ingredients, forget about acquiring it. It has studies in which the consumption of Artificial sweeteners have been related to Abdominal fat. In such a way that the assumption saving calories and sugar that sell this type of product, they are very far from offering benefits for body weight and health.

Cookies. / Photo: Pixabay

4. Dried fruit

The dry fruits or dehydrated They are a food that without a doubt can be quite misleading and that on many occasions we usually consume thinking that being fruits are healthy. However, the elaboration process to obtain whats nuts, is based on strip them of the water they contain, leaving a lot of sugar in its final composition. In such a way that nuts have a high fructose content, which I know metabolizes in the liver, and when you consume a large amount of fructose. Hence the liver breaks it down into glucose Y grease, which easily becomes Abdominal fat. The lesson here: it is always better to consume fresh fruit Y seasonal, is the right way to get its immense nutritional power in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

dried fruit
Dried fruit. / Photo: Shutterstock

5. Frozen pizza

In the whim par excellence of the weekendsa, without a doubt is a steaming pizza with the cheese dripping and it is true that consuming it very occasionally it does not symbolize a big problem. However, get used to integrating as part of the weekly dinners frozen pizzas, is a terrible eating habit, since it is a highly processed product that provides more sodium and carbohydrates than recommended in one day. The consequences of recurring consumption of this type of food are evident: significant weight gain, increased swelling Y Abdominal fat.

Frozen pizza./Photo: Pexels

6. Ice cream

Impossible to resist a chocolate ice cream ball as dessert or afternoon craving, and it is somewhat sad to know that it is not one of the better foods to health. While everything in moderation is good, when it comes to lose belly fat ice cream is not a good option. Especially the variants that are distinguished by their high caloric intake and its contribution in fats Y sugars. The good news is that today we have a wide range of healthy ice creams, which are made with vegetable milks, nuts Y Natural fruits, for the days of craving they will always be a much healthier alternative Y nutritious. And remember, all in moderation.

Ice Cream./Photo: Sebastian Coman Photography / Pexels

7. Processed snacks

Everything processed food will have different consequences on healthd, such is the case of the wide range of commercial snacks among which the salty snacks How French fries, pretzels Y sweets. These types of products usually have a high calorie content, preservatives Y sodium. Its recurrent use is related to weight gain, increased accumulation of body fat (especially abdominal), increased swelling and fluid retention, which is also associated with an increased risk of suffer hypertension Y long-term heart disease.

Pretzel./Photo: Pixabay

8. Fast food

The fast foods are the most radical end of the natural food and integral. A complete fast food [de una hamburguesa, papas fritas y refresco] is the perfect combination to deteriorate health and body weight: contain lots of calories, sodium, and carbohydrates. When consumed frequently, they can cause a considerable weight gain and they are one of the causes that are most related to Abdominal fat. At the same time they relate to negative consequences in cardiovascular health, the state of mind, physical and mental performance, they alter the nervous and reproductive system.

Fast food. / Photo: Caleb Oquendo / Pexels

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