New York : The accounts do not add up: “Operation Messi” is seriously complicated for Paris Saint-Germain

New York :

Who is not going to want Leo Messi in his team? Evidently, the most media player in the world is a very appetizing prey for many European football clubs, however, the cost of having it in the ranks of any club it is practically impossible for anyone to assume. Yes, even for Paris Saint-Germain.

According to French journalist Julien Laurens, collaborator of Transfer Talk from Sky Sports, the painting of the City of Light stria trying to square the numbers to be able to face the salaries of Messi, Neymar and Mbappé, but honestly it looks more than difficult:

Let’s say, no matter how much Messi wants to go to PSG to play with his friends, your annual salary will not drop below $ 65 million annually; that must be added to the $ 35 Neymar earns, What is it the same thing that, at least, Kylian Mbappé intends to win in a potential new contract with the Parisian team.

We are talking about nearly $ 150 million annually in salaries for just three players, a figure that looks completely outside of the Financial Fair Play rules required by UEFA.

The aspirations of the Parisian team are supported: Messi would give a dimension never before seen to the team in terms of popularity and also, would immediately make him a strong favorite for the title of his great obsession, the Champions League, but being completely realistic, It doesn’t seem feasible, at least keeping its other two mega stars.

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