New York : “The Beard” became “The Belly”: James Harden’s remarkable overweight does not go unnoticed

New York :

No doubt James Harden is one of the best players to ever step on a court in the NBA. His offensive dominance and impressive records endorse it and His brilliant figure and great personality stands out above all in the Houston Rockets, even above Russell Westbrook who ended up going to the not wanting to share the limelight with “La Barba”.

But what is striking on the day of today is not your incredibly effective shot of three, his feints that always end in points, your rival’s psychological dominance, no, this time what is on everyone’s lips is something much more mundane: her prominent belly.

Something important to note is that Harden’s performance has not diminished even because of his obvious overweight, nor for his disgruntled public to continue in the Houston franchise, which he is ready to leave since last season ended … Who will hire “La Panza”, sorry … “La Barba”?

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