New York : The Chiquibaby, every day more famous and on the cover of the magazine ‘Siempre mujer’

New York :

Stephanie himonidis, The popular Chiqui Baby, adorns the cover of the magazine “Always woman”. There you can read about its beginnings in The Angels, your transfer to Miami and all the experiences lived throughout his career. He obviously looked spectacular as he has been doing lately.

Let us remember that, although the driver of A new day She is Mexican, born in Guadalajara, it has an influence from many parts. His dad is from New York but of Greek grandparents and his mother is from Sinaloa. This makes her sympathy and beauty quite particular and charming.

She also spoke about how she likes to spend the holidays, how she complements all the tasks she performs in her day to day life, and above all she made it very clear that Hispanic women are a warrior capable of achieving everything she sets out to do. There is no doubt that the growth of the presenter of Telemundo It is very notorious, but the infinite love of its fans is much more so. The Chiqui Baby has long managed to win the love and respect of many fist to fist. A sample that beauty must be integral.

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