New York : The Chivas are still ashamed; now they lost with Puebla

Without feet or head, this is how the actuality of the Chivas, who added their second consecutive defeat in the Guard1anes 2020 when falling 1-0 before Puebla, and that they accumulated 270 consecutive minutes without scoring a goal, signing their worst start without a score in the history of the league.

A game in which the Flock could never generate danger in the rival goal, not even when they were on equal terms, since 35 minutes into the first half the debutant Eduardo Torres he was expelled after a strong entry on Omar Fernandéz. At that time, the Chivas suffered even more.

Puebla He did not show a good football version either, and despite their limitations in attack, they took advantage of one of the flaws that the chiverío’s defense had. The scorer was Santiago Ormeño, who at minute 60 took advantage of the bad mark of Gilberto Sepulveda to beat Jose Antonio Rodriguez with a powerful left leg shot.

The rest of the game was under the same conditions. Chivas looking for an individuality of Isaac Brizuela or José Juan Macías, who were surprisingly relieved by coach Luis Fernando Tena. Puebla they did not demand more, and in the face of the flock’s ineffectiveness, they began to “rally” to consume the time on the clock.

The referee whistled at the end of the game and there were only low heads of the players in the chiverío, because the team does not walk and they are penultimate in the general table with only one point; while Puebla he is sub-leader with 7 units. On matchday 3, the Herd will visit Juárez, and La Franja will visit Tigres.