New York : The curious message from Emma Coronel’s makeup artist after her arrest

New York :

Emma colonel She had been characterized by always wearing makeup and wearing a luxury outfit. Now, she will spend an indefinite time in the inmate costume of a prison in Virginia, following her arrest on drug trafficking charges.

In a somewhat confusing message, the makeup artist of the wife of the “Chapo” Guzmán He reacted to the judicial problem of his also friend and dedicated a “see you soon” through Instagram.

In the picture, the two women have long hair that is shiny from the dye.

Some users assured that it was an irony, while others expressed that it denoted sincerity.

“The gold mine is gone”, expressed a person on the Instagram account of “Suelta la Sopa”, where the message was shared.

The former beauty queen boasted a lavish lifestyle on social media. Although she always claimed not to be involved with her husband’s criminal businesses, many criticized the opulence with which she lived.

Now, Emma Coronel could face a life sentence in a worst-case scenario if the charges against her are proven.

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