New York : The day Juan Soler saved Verónica Castro’s life after an accident on Televisa

New York :

Throughout his career, Juan Soler He has shared credits with great television figures, including Veronica Castro, and says that several years ago he became a kind of hero for the actress, because while both were in the middle of recording a soap opera, the actor prevented an accident from happening to him.

The Argentine commented before the cameras of “Hoy” that when they were part of “Pueblo Chico Infierno Grande”, one of the scenes began to become somewhat dangerous and when he saw that the life of Cristian’s mother was at stake, he did not hesitate to step in and cut the whole process before something bad was to happen.

“We stop two horses in front of the camera, I get off mine and when I turn around, my horse kicks the gates to the mare that Verónica was carrying. The lady flew through the air, but luckily I was there and was able to catch her. It was a scary moment for everyone, but luckily nothing happened “Juan said.

Finally, the protagonist of the telenovela “La Mexicana y El Güero” said that from that moment they both began a very beautiful friendship and that the actress did not want anyone to dub the risk scenes she had with him, especially those that involved these animals, because he knew it would be there in case something could happen.

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