New York : The inspiring photos of Chiquis Rivera that show her beautiful figure

The singer loves every inch of her body and likes to teach self-love lessons

Chiquis Rivera has decided to look for a healthier lifestyle and actually the change is evident. However the daughter of Jenni Rivera has always said that she is not shy about showing her curves and is happy with his figure. Through her social networks the singer shares photographs where she sends her followers inspirational self love messages. Here we leave you some of them.

1. “Hi, I’m Janney”

With an artistic black and white image, Chiquis showed the imperfections of her body. “With scars, stretch marks and cellulite” wrote the singer. His fans applauded his initiative.

2. Celebrating big

“To all those who are trying to make my day bitter, you can kiss my ass,” the singer wrote in her publication. In the photograph you can see Chiquis is a sexy lingerie and shows her curves without grief.

3. “Cellulicious”

In the snapshot you can see Chiquis wearing a gold mini dress and she looks amazing. In the message that accompanied the photograph, she assured that she feels fabulous with everything and cellulite.

4. In the pool

Wearing a very vintage swimsuit, Chiquis showed her “Gordi Buena Power” and showed how much she loves herself.

5. “This is me”

“An empowered woman is one who loves herself as she is” was the message the singer sent to her followers. The image reached more than 90 thousand “likes” and in the comments they told him how incredible it is. “With everything and cellulite, take it or leave it” it is also read.

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