New York : The IRS only has 5 days to send your stimulus check

New York :

The IRS and Treasury only have five days to send the rest of the second stimulus checks.. And, when the stimulus bill was drafted in December, it was determined that the limit to deliver them was January 15. After this date, agencies will no longer be able to send your $ 600 stimulus payment.

Although approximately 80% of second stimulus checks have already been sent via direct deposit and by mail in the form of paper checks and debit cards, It will not be an easy task to send the missing 20% ​​in the next five days.

In fact, the IRS has been sending the stimulus checks so fast that it has already made mistakes and made, for example, direct deposits to the wrong bank accounts.

The new $ 900 billion stimulus legislation sets a January 15 deadline for submitting stimulus payments. However, the drafters of the legislation did not explain why they chose this date, as reported by CNET.

If you do not receive the full money from your second stimulus check shortly after January 15, you will need to claim all or part of the missing amount when you file your 2021 federal tax returns as a ‘Recovery Refund Credit’. In this same way it is like You can also claim any money the IRS still owes you from the first round of stimulus checks.

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