New York : The macabre crime for which Lisa Montgomery was executed today: she strangled a pregnant woman, took a baby from her womb and kidnapped him

New York :

Early this wednesday Lisa montgomery died for lethal injection at Terre Haute Correctional Facility, Indiana, thus becoming the first woman executed at the federal level in 67 years.

Montgomery, 52, died at 1:31 am, about 7 1/2 hours after the time initially stipulated to execute his death.

The procedure against Montgomery It was scheduled to take place this Tuesday, December 12.

However, the decision of the federal judge for the Southern District of Indiana, James hanlon, granted a brief period of grace so that it could be thoroughly evaluated if the convicted person was mentally fit to be subjected to the process.

Only hours before and as a result of the previous decision, the media reported that the woman could be freed from the death penalty after 16 years in prison, and even mentioned the possibility that her sentence could be commuted to one in prison.

But, the Supreme Court smoothed the way for Montgomery to be executed with a series of warrants to that end before midnight today, after the prosecutors in the case as well as the woman’s lawyers filed appeals for her to be executed. scales will tip in your favor.

The high forum argued that Montgomery’s attorneys waited a long time to file their request for stay of execution. They also alleged that the statements of mental health experts presented by the lawyers of the deceased today were based on outdated information. Two of the professionals evaluated Montgomery in 2016, and another in 2010, according to the judges.

The defense of the executed is not satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court.

“Our Constitution prohibits the execution of a person who cannot rationally understand his execution (…). The current administration knows this. And they killed her anyway ”, denounced the main lawyer in the case Kelley Henry in a statement released by the media.

Request for clemency

A USA Today report states that on January 24, the convict’s lawyers asked the outgoing President Donald Trump to commute his sentence to life without parole in a nearly 7,000-page document. In the clemency petition, the defense described the severe trauma that marked the childhood of the woman sentenced to capital punishment.

Montgomery was not only sexually abused by her stepfather, she was also sold to sex traffickers by her mother, an alcoholic, whose drinking would have affected Montgomery’s brain function before she was born. In the commutation request, it is also argued that the first attorneys who took up Montgomery’s case did not effectively represent her.

UN panel also asked not to execute her

This argument was also raised in favor of women by a panel of experts from the United Nations (UN) A few weeks ago they also asked to annul the death sentence.

“Ms. Montgomery was the victim of an extreme level of physical and sexual abuse throughout her life against which the state never provided protection and for which it did not offer solutions either,” the UN panel said in a statement from press of the UN Office for Human Rights, OHCHR.

“Ms. Montgomery was subjected to multiple rapes from the age of 11 and forced into prostitution at 15. She later married and was subjected to further abuse, some of which is captured on video. She had four children before being pressured to have her sterilized against her will. By the age of 34, he had moved 61 times. As a result of the trauma he experienced, he developed several serious mental conditions for which he did not have access to treatment ”, they add.

“International standards are clear: the death penalty is always arbitrary and illegal when the court ignores or rules out essential facts that may have significantly influenced the motivations, the situation and the conduct of a defendant sentenced to the death penalty,” adds the United Nations report.

“The failure to take into account Mrs. Montgomery’s personal history and traumatic experiences is especially egregious. During her childhood, a police officer, a judge and a school administrator were informed or suspected that she was being sexually abused, but no action was taken to help her, ”the document states.

On January 9, Montgomery’s attorneys petitioned the United States Supreme Court to ask justices to suspend the death sentence. The petition was part of an appeal from a previous case to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. In that litigation, the court found that the government acted against regulations when it scheduled the woman’s execution for January 12 despite the pending court order suspending her execution.

That ruling fell apart after the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed it, prompting attorneys for the convicted woman to go to the Supreme Court.

An explicit murder

Montgomery was sentenced to capital punishment in 2004 for murdering to pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, take the baby she was carrying and kidnap her to pass her off as his daughter.

On December 16 of that year, Montgomery drove from his home in Melvern, Kansas, to Stinnett, in Skidmore, Missouri. The excuse was to adopt a Rat Terrier from Stinnett. But, instead of the above, the murderer strangled the victim with a rope, performed an improvised cesarean section and fled with the girl, who survived the event.

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