New York : The new viral challenge that tests the balance and that 99.9% of men cannot overcome

New York :

Dozens of users of social networks have found in the creation of a viral challenge the best way to escape the great moments of leisure that the pandemic has left us for practically a year.

Precisely on this subject, for a couple of weeks, a new viral challenge has become highly popular on social media, in particular on TikTok, in particular because many have seen it as a competition of men and women and that practically in 99.9% of the cases, it is they who turn out to be the winners.

The viral challenge in question consists of a balance test, where those who dare to do it, must first kneel and then put their elbows on the ground, just at shoulder height to be able to hold their head in their hands. Then, what should be done is to try to separate each of the arms to put them just behind the back but without losing the initial position of the trunk, that is, without falling.

About this viral challenge, there is a video on TikTok titled “Apparently, men have a different center of gravity”, which already exceeds 2 million visits and where a couple demonstrated the result obtained when they carried out the challenge. While the woman manages to do it with ease, her partner loses his balance and cannot achieve it.

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Here is another video in this app that also shows how a man finds it difficult to carry out this task and ends up hitting his face.


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Here is another video with a painful ending for the gentleman who tried to do it.

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This video has made many remember the now famous viral challenge of the chair, which became very popular at the end of 2019 and showed how it was impossible for men to lift a chair with the trunk flexed forward.

On that occasion, it was explained that women could probably carry it out by the different location of the center of gravity or balance point in them and they, which is usually in the girls lower, towards the hips, while that of the men is in a much higher place.

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